Saturday, March 19, 2011

Faded Dreams

            Beneath the white sky of faded dreams, he stood wondering if this was all that’s left. He couldn’t take a step forward, and he had not strength to step back.
            Laughter drifted from the children at the park around the corner; the youthful sprites of hearts that had yet to feel pain.
            White sky, child laughter, and a dark soul. He was surrounded by purity yet within him, there was nothing but sin. His whole being now contradiction.
            Protect. That’s what he’s supposed to do. But all he could do was harm. He still felt the gun in his hand; skin sticking to the leather grip, the jolt of his heart as the sound of the bullet fired pierced his ears.
            And Serve. A code he lived by. But the only person he served was himself; he saved only himself. But it was what he had to do. To stop a murderer, he had to become on himself.
            The sky became a little bluer and children’s laughter faded. He buttoned up his shirt, reattached his tie, and checked to make sure his badge was on straight. He took a step forward, there was no way, now, to go back.