Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lover's Dance

            When the Moon first caught a glimpse of the Sun, he shuttered in her glory. He was stunned by her pale beauty, his breath taken away by her sultry smile. The Moon tried to speak to the Sun, but she turned in a blush and held up the earth to hide behind. When the Moon turned away to search for her, she peaked out from behind the earth. She teased the Moon, twirled her skirts, smiled and danced, but when the Moon turned to gaze at her, she disappeared behind the earth.
The Moon tried to lure her out: it gave her his oceans and she appeared, took them, consumed them, and hid behind the earth. He gave her his mountains and snow. She took them, consumed them, and disappeared again behind the earth. Her blue eyes peaked around the globe. They sparkled with greed, absorbed the love the Moon dotted on her. Her cheeks glowed and the Moon wished only to please her more. He gave her skyscrapers and towers, bridges and industry. He gave her his trees, his art, his animals, his literature. She came out from behind the earth long enough to take what the Moon gave her and she disappeared again, her hunger growing with everything the Moon gave. The Sun hid, the Moon followed, offered; the Sun took, hid, and the Moon chased. As he gave up the last breath of life upon his surface, he grew pale and slow while the sun grew with all that she had taken. She settled down in contentment.
            With all that he had left, the Moon continued to chase the Sun around the earth she had put between them, hoping that she would return some of the love he gave. Every now and again she allowed the Moon to catch up with her, taking what he gave and pulling away again.
Forever their painful lover’s dance continues until the Sun finally consumes him, or he plunges to his death.